Monday, September 15, 2014

General Musician Salary (Atlanta Area)

Here is a general guide that I came up with after talking to musicians in the Atlanta Area. Even though being a musician is a gift and a ministry, the business side has to be considered as well. The church and the musician being in agreement is the main concept no matter the situation. (Paid or Unpaid)
Musician Salary Information
The information below was compiled as a result of speaking to several ministries in and around the Atlanta area. The criterion below was considered in this assessment.
· Services & Rehearsals
· Church Size (500-1000 Members)
· Full-Time vs Non Full-Time Musicians
· Duties & Responsibilities & Skill Level
Organist / Keyboardist / Pianist = $250 - $500 (Minister of Music in most cases) Dependant on Skill Level and Duties (Picking Songs, Teaching Parts, etc..)
Guitar / Bass / Drums = $100 -$300 Dependent on Skill Level
Praise Leader - $75 - $150 Dependent on Duties (Picking songs, teaching parts, power point slides, etc.)
In most cases the Minister of Music would be the highest paid and the additional musicians would be paid $50 to $100 less.
Additional Compensations to consider
· Traveling with ministry expenses
· Extra Services above original terms
Most ministries have contracts or general agreements. A length is not specified. The agreement would just be between the musician and the church to be faithful to fulfilling the duties outlined for the position. At least a 2 week notice would be given by either party at anytime should the agreement need to be dissolved.
*This is just a general guideline. Specific terms and conditions would be defined between the musician and the church.
Also go to this site - and look for the Salary Guide.